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Zero Dine-in Disposable Utensils Charter

Green Sense sincerely invites all the restaurant/company to sign the "Zero Dine-in Disposable Utensils Charter", support and promise to reduce disposables. In coming 3 to 6 months, hope that the restaurant/ company promises to implement measures to reduce disposables, in order to enhance the environmental consideration in restaurant operation. Increase the environmental awareness of staff and public through promotion of banning disposables.

Suggested Implementations

  • Avoiding the distribution of disposable utensils to dine-in customers

  • Refraining from providing disposable items to the customers, such as plastic straw, paper tray-liner, plastic stirring stick, etc

  • Using washable utensils and containers within the dine-in area

  • Encouraging customers to bring their own utensils, offering discounts if possible

  • Considering cooperation with dish-washing companies if there is a lack of scullery facilities

​We hope that restaurant/ company sign the ”Zero Dine-in Disposable Utensils Charter", and pledge to implement measures to reduce disposables. The list of Charter participants will be published online, in reflecting the social and environmental responsibility of your restaurant/ company.

Restaurants/companies that are interested can Pledge Now or Download Now.

After signing , you can email the signed charter to or fax to 3011 9577.

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